Lionsgate’s “The Possession” is a chilling scarer, but guests enjoyed a low-key evening at the movie’s Hollywood premiere. Film unspooled Aug. 28 at the ArcLight.

The cast and crew experienced a number of creepy moments during filming of pic based on a true story, centering on demons and Jewish exorcisms.

As Kyra Sedgwick recalled, “Several 5K lights blew up out of nowhere, for no reason. It wasn’t weather. It wasn’t anything.”

But lead thesp Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he tried to keep things light on set.

“I would be the jackass in between takes,” he said. “I knew going in that was going to be my responsibility.”

Onscreen daughter Natasha Calis even made some extra cash thanks to the swear jar she made for Morgan.

“I made 100 or 80 bucks off of him in three months of filming,” she said. “I was trying to be nice, only 25¢ a swear.”

Other premiere attendees included Matisyahu, producer Sam Raimi and director Ole Bornedal. After the screening, guests walked across the street for the outdoor afterparty at the club Lure.