Phase 4 Films snags rights to ‘Bindlestiffs’

Film to premiere at Slamdance Film Festival

Berry Meyerowitz’s Phase 4 Films has acquired U.S. and Canadian rights to Andrew Edison’s raunchy teen comedy “Bindlestiffs” and will release the pic through its new “Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures Presents” banner.

Pic made its world premiere in January at the Slamdance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Best Feature Narrative.

Edison wrote the script with Luke Loftin, and the duo produced the high school laffer with Mike Akel and Matt Patterson.

Edison and Loftin star alongside John Karna. Trio play smart-mouthed virgins who flee to the inner city to live out the plot of “The Catcher in the Rye” after being suspended from school on a graffiti charge.

Phase 4 will release the film in June as part of a theatrical tour that will features Q&A’s with Smith and the filmmakers.

This weekend, Meyerowitz and the Phase 4 team will be on the ground with Smith and his SModcast Pictures team at SXSW looking to acquire other films for the label.

“‘Bindlestiffs’ is the perfect first film for us to release under our new partnership with Kevin Smith,” said Meyerowitz. “It is raunchy, outrageous and shockingly funny, and showcases the immense talents of Andrew Edison and Luke Loftin. The support that we and Kevin will bring to the film will expose it to millions of fans and help turn it into a classic.”

“SModcast Pictures Presents is ecstatic about our first feature, a ballsy high school comedy that was conceived by real, live high schoolers (who are actually way funnier than the 20-something adults who usually play teens in movies),” said Smith. “This mind-bendingly original and gut-bustingly hysterical first film is so confidently made and one-of-a-kind, I cannot wait to stand on a stage beside the ‘Bindlestiffs’ boys and smell the room after the audience has pissed themselves laughing at their debut film.”

“We are beyond stoked to have Kevin Smith present ‘Bindlestiffs,'” said Edison and Loftin. “If he didn’t already pave the way with ‘Clerks’ for films like ours to find an audience, he is definitely doing that now in his partnership with Phase 4. For us, this is truly a dream come true.”

Phase 4 and SModcast Pictures’ distribution partnership, which was announced in early 2012, will allow Phase 4 to acquire exclusive rights to exhibit and distribute up to 12 films per year under Smith’s banner. Phase 4 will release four of these films theatrically each year, and these will include a live tour with Smith.

The deal for ‘Bindlestiffs’ was negotiated by Phase 4’s Larry Greenberg and Katharyn Howe with WME Global and Caliber Media on behalf of the filmmakers.