The Producers Guild of America has tapped Bill Vigil and Michelle Reed as winners of its PGA Producers Showcase competition for dark suburban fairy tale “Pssst!”

Vigil and Reed received $20,000 in prizes including a camera rental package from Panavision; a truck with production supplies from Quixote Studios (usable in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans or Boston); and a post-production deal from Hula Post.

“Pssst” centers on an old man battling a monster who chooses the wrong boy as bait; their battle climaxes on Halloween in a terrifying game of hide and seek.

Finalists included Chris Cuthbertson for “Adam and Larry’s Killer App,” Janet Muswell for “Cargo Cult,” Norm Hunter for “Colusa,” Eva Orner for “Leni,” Gretchen Kirsch for “My Daughter Moira,” Zaid Abu Hamdan for “Mostalgia,” Yonghee Lee for “Sammy Lee,” Beverley Gordon for “Scout” and Robyn Kershaw for “Winter of Our Disconnect.”