‘People’ helping people

Kurtzman gives credit to cast

DreamWorks’ dramedy “People Like Us” from writer-director Alex Kurtzman unspooled Friday at the L.A. Film Fest at L.A. Live.

At theWP24 afterparty, the prolific writer-producer who made his feature helming debut with the pic, said that with a cast of Chris Pine, Michelle Pfeiffer and Elizabeth Banks, he had only to get out of the way.

“We couldn’t cut away to a robot or an explosion. It had to work with what was on screen. It was a gift,” Kurtzman said. “The truth is that half of the time my job was to do nothing.”

Pfeiffer, on the other hand, did a lot, according to co-star Pine.

“I remember her sneaking off for a minute and the first thing that I felt was a hand coming across my face,” he said. “It was the real deal. We must have done 10 takes. Not a bad day at work.”

For his part, Mark Duplass didn’t let his supporting role as Banks’ neighbor with benefits hold him back.

“No small parts, only small penises,” Duplass said. “That is what it really comes down to.”