TORONTO — Brad Pelman will be leaving Alliance Films for new business opportunities, the Canada-based multinational distributor and production company announced Thursday.

Pelman had been helping oversee the integration of Maple Pictures, which Alliance bought from Lionsgate Entertainment for $38.5 million in August.

Pelman launched Maple in 2005 with co-prexy Laurie May. Both moved to Alliance and May will remain at the company.

The Maple sale, which saw some lay-offs, changed the dynamic of the Canadian indie distribution landscape, now dominated by multinational rivals Entertainment One and Alliance. With eOne exploring sale options and Alliance stakeholders Goldman Sachs and Investissement Quebec putting their shares on the block this month, the Canuck picture will shift once more.

In a statement released Thursday, Pelman said he will maintain “a professional association” with Alliance.

“Brad Pelman is a consummate professional whose leadership and experience made the transition of Maple Pictures into Alliance seem effortless,” said Alliance CEO Victor Loewy. “We wish him continued success, we are grateful for his commitment, and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.”