Peggy Lenore Ahearn Blaylock, a star of Hal Roach’s silent “Our Gang” comedies during the 1920s, died on Oct. 24. She was 95.

Under the name Peggy Ahern, the young actress appeared in eight of the “Little Rascals” comedies from 1924-27: “Cradle Robbers” and “The Sun Down Limited” (1924); “Circus Fever,” “Dog Days,” “The Love Bug” and “Official Officers” (1925); “War Feathers” (1926); and “Olympic Games” (1927).

Ahern’s other film credits include Universal’s 1923 version of “The Call of the Wild”; and the romantic comedy “Not So Long Ago,” starring Betty Bronson and Ricardo Cortez, and “Excuse Me,” starring Norma Shearer, both in 1925.

Ahern continued in show business in the 1930s, touring vaudeville with a song-and-dance act also featuring her sister, Lassie Lou Ahern, from 1932-39. The pair also appeared in the 1937 musical comedy short “Hollywood Party.”

Ahern was born in Douglas, Ariz.; the family moved to Culver City in 1921.