Helmer Brad Peyton had to acknowledge that he’s come a long way to get to Thursday’s premiere of “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” at the Chinese.

“I left Gander, Newfoundland, when I was 17 because this is what I wanted to do,” he mused at the after-party at the Colony. “Growing up in Gander keeps you humble. I didn’t have a lot of spending money as a kid and what I did have, I spent on seeing things like ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ ”

Cousins Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn got the job to pen the screenplay in 2009 on the same day that Brian’s wife delivered their third child. “She told me to go do the pitch since it wasn’t our first,” he recalled.

“Since we started, I’ve gotten married and we’ve had a kid, too,” Mark said.

The writers also credited Dwayne Johnson with a unique contribution to the New Line pic. “The pecs pop was totally Dwayne’s idea,” Mark noted.