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HOLLYWOOD — While a blood-splattered water park would’ve been the ideal setting, Dimension Films opted to hold the May 29 preem of “Piranha 3DD” at the Mann Chinese 6 Theaters, after which guests sank their teeth into Fatburgers while rehashing the pic’s gory death scenes at Teddy’s inside the Roosevelt Hotel.

Director John Gulager made the rounds wearing a sequined jacket and sheriff hat while holding a battered silicon piranha. The helmer introduced the pic by thanking a trio of crew members for going with him to strip clubs to cast some of the supporting roles, and singling out thesp Irina Voronina for special praise “because she got naked.”

Gulager acknowledged his film faces some stiff competish at the box office. “It’s different from any movie out there now,” he said, allowing that “it’s even different” from the original remake. He recalled running into “Piranha 3D” helmer Alexandre Aja at the “Conan” party. “I loved his movie, but that one had more extravagant gore gags. I get to blow stuff up!”

Gulager was discovered on Bravo’s “Project Greenlight,” and he briefly reflected on that gig, noting, “I think I was the underdog. And I guess I still am.”

Star David Koechner said he doesn’t plan on showing the pic to any of his five kids anytime soon. “They love their father so much, it would be traumatic for them. But in the same stroke of irony, it’d be somewhat reassuring because I’m still right there beside them, so maybe I’ll use this film as a teaching tool.”