In the middle of New York’s latest summer heatwave, Roadside Attractions preemed its “30 Beats,” which chronicles the sex lives of five women and five men during, well, a New York summer heatwave.

“I always thought this film should be released in the winter so that they would yearn for the summer,” said helmer-scribe Alexis Lloyd in his introduction at the Village East Cinema. “Welcome to the East Village. Welcome to the heat wave. You have been warned.”

At the afterparty at Le Baron, the Gallic director said he could’ve made this movie in France but he “felt like Paris was a bit of an old courtesan, past her early days. New York is like a woman who knows herself and is very sure of her sexuality.”

Thomas Sadoski is no stranger to extreme heat and the sexy urges that come with it.

“I grew up in Texas, so for me this isn’t actually all that hot from what I’m used to,” said the thesp. “But when it was really bad back home, we would go off into the country at night … under the stars in the heat having sex, drinking wine. There’s just something really beautiful, but really primal, really liberated about it all.”