The legal battle over new “Godfather” books has ended.

Paramount Pictures and the Mario Puzo estate have settled their dispute, stipulating to the dismissal of the litigation in a filing Thursday in the U.S. District Court in New York and asking for all claims to be dismissed.

Terms of the agreement have not been made public. The agreement resolves a claim by the studio and a counterlclaim by the estate.

“This stipulation of dismissal with prejudice is pursuant to a settlement agreement among Paramount and Puzo and is not an adjudication on the merits of the claims or defenses of either party,” part of the filing said.

Paramount sued the Puzo estate in February, claiming his heirs had approved new “Godfather” novels even though the studio has long held the rights to such sequels. In that suit, Par said the Puzo estate published “The Godfather’s Revenge” in 2006 and intends to publish “The Family Corleone,” both without its permission.

The studio claimed that the publication “tarnished” the brand and “misled consumers” as to the connection to the original Puzo works. In a lawsuit and counterclaim filed in March, the Puzo estate denied Paramount’s claim to the book that was made into three films.

A federal judge in New York dismissed many of the counterclaims in September.