The National Labor Relations Board has rejected the final appeal by reality TV production company ITV Studios to challenge the certification of a 2010 election to make the WGA East the bargaining rep for the company’s writers and producers, the Writers Guild of America East has announced. 

“Presumably the NLRB’s unanimous decision will bring the company to the bargaining table,” the WGA East said Thursday.

ITV, which produces “First 48,” was not immediately available for comment.

WGA East exec director Lowell Peterson said in statement, “The NLRB has ruled at every step that ITV is obligated to recognize the Writers Guild and to bargain with us in good faith. Although the company’s over-lawyered delays have been frustrating, we look forward to productive negotiations.”

In July, the guild reached three-year master contract agreements with Lion Television and Optomen Prods. after more than a year of negotiations with the reality TV companies. The deals were the culmination of a two-year WGA East organizing drive targeting shows produced in New York City and focused on the issues of scribes working unpaid overtime and without employer-provided health-care benefits.

The WGA East said that negotiations with reality producer Atlas Media continue.