Roughly a decade ago, Creative Artists’ Nick Styne decided to incorporate kids into his already impressive roster of clients, who included Cameron Diaz. With Styne’s help, those youngsters — including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and the boy band One Direction — became stars.

Styne says although he got into the child-rep arena “by accident” after switching from ICM to CAA in 2003, he feels focusing on young talent is “the perfect thing for me at this chapter in my career.” He adds, “I have really good taste or I was extremely lucky, but the (children) I started working with were not only great people but super-talented.”

Today, in addition to the aforementioned A-listers, Styne reps such up-and-comers as “Writers” thesps Lily Collins and Nat Wolff, “Suspiria” star Isabelle Fuhrman and “Mad Men’s” Kiernan Shipka.

“I talk to my clients more than I talk to my children about life. I have conversations with them about working, whether or not to send a tweet and being a child in private,” says Styne, explaining that part of a youth agent’s job is being a big brother of sorts.

“You are helping (these kids) give up a normal childhood by telling them that you really believe in their talent and more importantly that you are going to take care of them and protect them and give them every opportunity you can. If you don’t do it right, or if you don’t care, it’s very dangerous because you are messing up a child’s life. I feel that responsibility every day.”

Impact: The tenpercenter reps some of the biggest youth talent in the biz.
Next: Two clients, Lily Collins and Nat Wolff, star in Josh Boone’s “Writers,” which premiered this month at Toronto.

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