London– Entertainment One is negotiating to acquire North American rights to “Iron Sky,” the Nazi sci-fi comedy from Finnish director Timo Vuorensola.

The $10 million pic premiered Feb. 11 in the Panorama section at the Berlin Film Festival, and will make its North American debut at SXSW in March.

The Finnish-German-Australian co-production had already been extensively pre-sold before Berlin by Stealth Media Group, which lined up further deals at the fest including a sale to Israel’s Shoval.

The trailer was released last week on YouTube, and received five million views in six days. The pic was part-funded by $1 million in equity investment and donations from Internet fans.

“I see it as a sign of democratization of entertainment, where the Internet means a Finnish film can capture the interest of the viewing public. This is a victory to all European and independent filmmakers, and it’s all thanks to our active online community,” said Vuorensola.

“Iron Sky” imagines that members of a secret Nazi space program escaped Earth in 1945 and settled on the dark side of the Moon. Nearly 70 years later, they are ready to invade Earth with a massive fleet of spaceships.

It stars Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby and Udo Kier.

Pic received audience applause and mixed reviews at Berlin. ” ‘Iron Sky’ is for sure an audience film; we’ve been ending every screening here in Berlin with huge ovations, and the theaters are packed,” Vuorensola said. “We came to Berlin with a Nazi comedy, ruled the headlines, made people fight for their tickets and angered some critics along the way.”