Mountain Dew to spill ‘Dark Knight’ overseas

PepsiCo division plans global marketing event for new flavor

After launching a new flavor in the U.S. last month for Warner Bros.’ “The Dark Knight Rises,” Mountain Dew is taking its campaign overseas as part of its first global marketing effort for a film and for the beverage brand overall.

The PepsiCo division will promote the Batpic in 20 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. More than 800 million bottles and cans will feature graphics for the film.

Promotion, which kicked off in the U.S. in late June, a month before the film’s release on Friday, includes the launch of Mountain Dew’s new Dark Berry flavor “inspired by” the pic.

Company will market the film through TV spots; in-theater, radio and online ads; and retail displays in stores under the tagline “Go Inside Gotham City.”

DewGothamCity.com provides visitors with exclusive “Dark Knight Rises” content and chances to win prizes.

Mountain Dew is PepsiCo’s second-largest beverage brand, generating more than $5 billion in annual sales.

Company has been looking to boost sales by finding “unique and authentic ways to connect with Mountain Dew fans,” said Brad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s Global Beverages Group.

“Dew fans in the U.S. and around the world have incredible passion for the ‘Dark Knight’ franchise,” Jakeman said. “With Dew’s first-ever global campaign, we are giving fans the exclusive opportunity to experience Gotham City like never before.”