Etchie Stroh describes his wife and partner as “my better half and my rock” (“sometimes my excitement and aspirations go a bit overboard — (I) can rely on Yael to give me a reality check”). Yael Stroh says, “Etchie does the negotiations; I do the contracts.” As president, her specialities are budgeting, post- production and distribution contract drafting. “Sometimes you need a lawyer,” she says. “But sometimes I just need my common sense.”

VP collection and servicing
” She’s been with me 25 years in servicing and collections,” says Stroh. “She calls herself part of the inventory.” Moretti was also the first to join Moonstone, “one week after we started. Luz is the only one that can read my handwriting, including me. We are a team, a family — except when it comes to soccer and Brazil plays Argentina.”

VP finance
Another 25-year Stroh and Moonstone vet, Majerus handles the company’s financial aspects, including accounts payable and receivable, and reports for distributors, plus production follow-up and accounting. “Greg starts at 6:30 in the morning and sometimes earlier — and is the last one to leave. I am away from the office six months during the year, but Greg keeps me updated and involved as if I am next door.”

Director of development and production
Shahar Stroh studied music and philosophy at Berkeley, then received an MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU. His musical knowledge and close relationship with Chen Kaige resulted in working as associate director with Chen and Zubin Mehta on the staging of “Turandot” in Valencia. “When Shahar decided to join Moonstone it was my dream come true,” says father Etchie. “He will take the company to its next level and give our company rejuvenated energy and innovation.” He is the presumptive heir of Moonstone.

Director of marketing and production
Wi th only 12 years as part of the Stroh machine, Grant is the newcomer of the group. “Michael is involved in every aspect of our work as he works closely with me and Yael in sales, production, marketing and contract administration.”

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