MADRID — Vinicius Coimbra’s “Matraga,” Vicente Amorim’s “Dirty Hearts” and Eduardo Coutinho’s “Songs” receive U.S. preems at Premiere Brazil!, which kicks off Thursday at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

“Matraga,” which is a primal redemption Western, swept October’s Rio de Janeiro Fest, winning five awards, among them picture, actor (Joao Miguel) and audience kudos.

“Dirty Hearts,” Amorim’s follow-up to Viggo Mortensen-starrer “Good,” is set in Brazil’s Japanese community in the years following WWII.

“Songs” took Rio’s docu jury and audience plaudits. The pic’s helmer, Coutinho, figures among Latin America’s foremost docu directors. Pic is produced by Walter Salles’ VideoFilmes.

A 13-pic showcase organized by MoMA and the Rio de Janeiro Festival, the 10th Premiere Brazil! runs through July 24.

It opens with the road movie “Roadside,” a potential tentpole from Breno Silveira (“Two Sons of Francisco”). The pic, which is a Fox Latin America pick-up, is yet to bow in Brazil.

“Premiere Brazil! aims to present good Brazilian films that can travel, auteur films, main names we’ve been showing at MoMA for years — Beto Brandt, Amorim, Breno Silveira, Coutinho, Selton Mello — and new talent and new trends,” said Rio de Janeiro Fest co-director Ilda Santiago.

Beto Brandt presents the steamy “I’d Receive the Worst News From Your Beautiful Lips.”

Santiago said that period pieces like “Matraga” and the mostly Japanese-language “Hearts” underscore Brazilian cinema’s breadth and ambition.

Pointing up its range, the event’s pics run the gamut from Wolney Oliveira’s docu “The Last Cangaceiros” and “Passerby,” Eryk Rocha’s well-reviewed fiction debut, to Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla’s “Look at Me Again,” a road movie trip with transsexual Silvyo Lucio, Jose Henrique Fonseca’s soccer-star saga “Heleno,” and Selton Mello’s “The Clown,” a crossover hit in 2011.