Lawrence Meyers and Bobby Meyers have launched Meyers Media Group as a sales and production company aiming to sell, finance and produce features with broad international appeal.

Lawrence Meyers is the new company’s president, with Bobby Meyers serving as a consultant who will seek to tap into his longtime relationships in the international market.

Randy Dannenberg, formerly of Media 8 Entertainment, will serve as exec VP and oversee production and acquisitions. Peter Rowley has been hired as VP of international distribution and administration.

“We wanted to start this company because we believe that our expertise can help our partners not only in the foreign sales process but in helping them complete their films, utilizing international co-productions as well as bringing in equity,” Lawrence Meyers sad.

The newly minted company also unveiled a quartet of projects it will be selling at Berlin:

• “Midnight Sun,” centered on two young scientists recruited from Columbia U. to work on the Manhattan Project. Chris Eigeman wrote the script and will direct. Producers are Eric Morris and Ben Smith. The project was a recipient of a production grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

• “7 Red,” centered on a mission to stop a mystery woman who has been busting roulette tables across the country on seemingly impossible single-number bets. Producers are Mace Neufeld and Robyn Shwer of Mace Neufeld Prods. and Eryl Cochran and Branon Coluccio.

• “Rider,” a futuristic action thriller with a love story directed by Pascal Franchot in which opposing factions battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Producers are Arnold Rifkin, Damon Martin and Franchot. The film is slated to begin shooting in September in South Africa in partnership with Film Afrikka.

• One Square Mile, the story of a disenfranchised teen who forms a bond with an old reclusive track coach, directed by Charles-Olivier Michaud. Producers are Howard Burd, Deborah Moore and Micah Sparks. Principal photography will start May 7.

“We have been fortunate to assemble, with this initial slate, filmmakers that represent some of the industry’s heavy hitters and visionary filmmakers.” Lawrence Meyers said. “Our plan is simple — quality, not quantity.”