Mexican CGI studio Imagination Films is setting up a beachhead in Los Angeles in a bid to forge co-production opportunities and alliances with Hollywood. Shingle has tapped former Universal Studios exec Ted Perkins, of Eclectic Film & Media, to rep the company in L.A.

Imagination co-prexies Rodolfo Gonzalez and Ricardo Gomez are hoping that their studio’s proximity to L.A. studios as well its competitive pricing efforts will lure U.S. producers and transform Mexico into a desirable destination for quality CGI. “Our rates are lower than India’s and at a par with China’s,” said Gomez.

Gomez said the company has the flexibility to produce animation with a motion capture, realistic or keyframing look.

Founded in 2005, Imagination Films has completed two full-length 3D CGI films, including futuristic sports action adventure title “Z-Baw.” Set on an alien planet where its characters play a hybrid of soccer and ice hockey, pic debuted in Mexico in March and grossed $1 million in its first weekend. The company’s second pic, “Alley of Dreams,” has not been released yet. A third project, “Dragon Prince” is in pre-production. All are in English.