Sharon Stone cried like a baby Monday night as she accepted her lifetime achievement award from the over-50 set at AARP Magazine’s 11th annual Movies for Grownups Gala. “I know getting old is OK,” she blubbered from the stage of the Bev Wilshire, “and at my age of 53, it seems OK with Hollywood that I work again. There was a chasm in my 40s when I did not work at all!”

Earlier in the evening, Glenn Close grabbed the best actress award from her “Albert Nobbs” co-star Janet McTeer, then ran for LAX.

Michel Leclerc expressed surprise at his win for best foreign language film. “I thought there were too many naked women in my film to make Americans happy,” the “The Names of Love” helmer joked, “but apparently older Americans like naked women too!”

“Turning 50 this year,” Alexander Payne accepted best pic honor for “The Descendants,” adding, “Thanks for honoring films made for grownups. That’s what I’ve always made.”

Letty Aronson spoke for her best writer bro Woody Allen: “His advice to me was, ‘Don’t bore them, say thank you and move on.'”

Kenneth Branagh presented the award for best grownup love story to Meryl Streep and the absent Jim Broadbent for their work in “The Iron Lady,” and Streep threw out a political jab worthy of Margaret Thatcher, saying, “She had the right to health care, like we all should!”

But Martin Scorsese scored the biggest laugh for his breakthrough achievement win. “The horizon out there is always widening,” said the 69-year-old “Hugo” helmer, “and I’m proud to finally break through!”