Kyle Martin is a struggling artist’s dream producer. Just ask Lena Dunham.

After meeting Dunham at a party during Austin’s South by Southwest film festival in 2008, Martin produced her 2010 indie darling, “Tiny Furniture.” The rest is history.

But 30-year-old Martin isn’t quite ready to jump the indie ship in favor of mainstream fare.

“I know that there are a lot of filmmakers out there who have big goals for their movies but are limited by resources whether it be money or support,” says the Iowa native. “I often look for those filmmakers. I believe in the overachiever.”

In 2010 Martin was named the Sundance Mark Silverman Producing Fellow and received the IFP/Cannes Market Producers Network Fellowship in 2011.

This year he completed production on writer-director Lance Edmands’ feature film debut, “Bluebird.” A Swedish-American co-production with Erika Wasserman of Idyll Films, the drama, starring Amy Morton and John Slattery, focuses on one woman’s tragic mistake and its unexpected consequences. Pic was developed with the help of the Sundance Institute’s Directors, Screenwriters and Producing labs.

” ‘Tiny Furniture’ and ‘Bluebird’ are very different movies but I think the overall experience and feeling of both films is the same,” Martin says.

In addition to “Bluebird,” Martin also spent the past year producing Matt Wolf’s docu “Teenage.” Currently in post-production, doc, a stylized meditation on early 20th century youth cultures, is based on the book by Jon Savage and produced with Cinereach Prods.

“From my perspective there is no real distinction between the documentary and the narrative form,” Martin says. “There is a lot to be learned from both genres, so working in both has really has helped me hone my craft.”

While he would eventually like to see the budgets on all his projects increase, Martin says that one thing is for sure — he never wants the “spirit of the films I work on to change.”

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