With MT Carney’s quiet exit as Disney president of worldwide marketing, the big question is how the studio plans to fill the position.

Disney declined to comment Sunday, but sources said the departure is amicable.

When Carney was hired in April 2010, skeptics questioned whether a person without a background in studio marketing could fill the role. Rumors of her exit began almost immediately, but studio execs repeatedly said they were happy with her work. Since she signed on, “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides” passed $1 billion worldwide, while “Cars 2” hit more than $500 million. An elaborate campaign for the imminent “John Carter” is already in place, spearheaded by Carney.

Carney let the studio know several months ago that she wanted to move back to New York, where she worked in the advertising biz and founded the U.S. offices of ad shop Naked. Her family also lives in Gotham.

In hiring Carney, studio chief Rich Ross turned to an outsider after conducting an exhaustive search both in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue to market Disney and DreamWorks’ films.

So the question is whether he will look for another outsider, someone with film-marketing background, or promote from within.