‘Mariachi’ wins at Guadalajara, military action disrupts fest

Filmgoers diverted from screening for safety reasons

Guadalajara, Mexico — Tom Gustafson’s “Mariachi Gringo” took the top Mexican feature prize at the 27th Guadalajara Film Festival on Saturday evening, ending a fest marred by Friday morning’s military action to capture two presumed drug cartel members that spawned a rash of shootouts and blockades on city streets.

At the Centro Magno fest venue, transport staff turned away filmgoers leaving a screening of Andres Wood’s “Violeta Went to Heaven” as they tried to return to the fest’s central Expo Center venue, acknowledging concerns for safety.

At least one news report showed a burning vehicle at a blockade and named another site on a major road between the two venues.

Mexican authorities captured the leader of the Jalisco New Generations drug cartel, Valencia Salazar, alias “El 85,” along with a top lieutenant. More than 30 rifles, fragmentation grenades, ammunition clips and munitions were also seized during the raid, in which three people died.

Jalisco Governor Emilio Gonzalez tweeted at about 4:40 p.m. local time Friday that officials were removing blocking vehicles and that the main avenues had reopened.