Mara Glauberg: Gotham gal takes legit stand on discovery

Youth Impact Report 2012: Primo Percenters

Los Angeles may have its share of child-star factories, but it doesn’t have a monopoly on young talent. Gotham can boast of launching Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Pompeo, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere and Jake T. Austin, who all came out of New York under the aegis of CESD talent agent Mara Glauberg.

“New York is a smaller market and it’s a little easier to navigate,” she says. “Casting directors can go see somebody in a great piece of theater and bring them in the next day.”

According to Glauberg, Gotham actors often come with a reputation for being “real and edgy,” which might come from the variety of acting experiences New York has to offer. “There are so many fabulous opportunities, whether it’s a fringe show, a little community theater at the bottom of a bar somewhere or doing standup at UCB or the Pit,” she says, adding that the truly dedicated enjoy the entire process, even auditioning.

“That’s something Hayden Panettiere always did: She came into every audition like she had the job, really prepared, and acted it like she was with the director on the set,” Glauberg says. “That set her apart from other actors her age, and she consistently booked Los Angeles-based jobs from our tape room in New York City.”

CESD’s tape room is a point of pride for Glauberg, who says it allows her to watch such clients as Tika Sumpter evolve.

“We’ve been with each other through that entire ride,” she says. “After the (‘Sparkle’) premiere, I looked at her and burst into tears, and she burst into tears, and I said, ‘Now everybody will see what I see.’ And that’s really special.”

Impact: Discovered a number of top young stars from CESD’s N.Y. office.
Next: Booked Melissa Benoist on “Glee” and Juliette Angelo on “Malibu Country.”
Cause: Morry’s Camp

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