Just as major leaguers were about to start their season, Clint Eastwood’s producing partner Robert Lorenz started shooting his debut feature, “Trouble With the Curve,” in Georgia.

Now, six months later and with the major league season winding down, Warner Bros. preemed “Curve” at the Westwood Village with a post-screening bash Sept. 19 at an outdoor venue decorated in Southern summer party style. Director Lorenz admitted that comparisons with Eastwood’s brisk shooting style were inevitable.

“A lot of what’s in the film are first and second takes,” he noted. “Clint’s developed that reputation so that when you start shooting, everyone is focused and ready.”

Lorenz had plenty of praise for Amy Adams’ athleticism — “the cartwheel she does was her idea” — and had to insist that a double be used for the scene in which Adams’ character catches pitches from a major league prospect. “You really don’t want your star to have a black eye,” he added.

“Curve” had a serendipitous path to the bigscreen as Randy Brown’s script arrived last year when Eastwood and Lorenz were planning their “A Star Is Born” reboot, then switched gears once Beyonce Knowles announced she was pregnant. “We loved this script so it made sense to go ahead on this one instead,” Lorenz said.

Asked about “A Star Is Born,” Lorenz responded, “TBD.”