Director Drew Goddard and his co-writer/producer Joss Whedon have been waiting a long time for the release of their “The Cabin in the Woods,” which Lionsgate’s acquisitions exec Jason Constantine rescued from MGM. It marks the first time the mini-major picked up a movie produced by another studio. At Wednesday’s preem the duo were more than ready to talk about its extended delay.

“It has certainly been frustrating, but when you see movies like ‘The Hobbit’ and James Bond getting delayed, you realize it’s not about us,” Goddard said. “These are bigger problems that are above my paygrade. Luckily, when Lionsgate came into the picture, they saw the movie and said, ‘Don’t change a frame. We love this film, we get it and we’re onboard.’ That alleviated all my concerns, and then it was just a matter of getting the red tape untangled.”

The horror pic toys with genre conventions, but that wasn’t the filmmakers’ ultimate intention.

“There are things in horror movies that we absolutely love,” Whedon said at the Edison after-party. “But there are also things that make no sense and this movie is really about that. If I go to a cabin in the woods, I wouldn’t split up, I wouldn’t drop the knife, I wouldn’t go in the cellar. These are basic things that people do in horror movies that are dumb and I wanted to know why.”