Lionsgate nabs assistant’s spec ‘Vanish Man’

Newcomer Denison Hatch sells first project

Denison Hatch built his first big break a little bit a time.

Lionsgate has bought international thriller spec “Vanish Man” from the scribe, who most recently worked as an assistant at Original Film. Before that, he tapped away on screenplays in his spare time while working as a writer’s assistant to “American Bullshit” scribe Eric Singer.

“I built up a network of people who liked my stuff,” the Cornell grad said of his three years with Singer, when he’d ask friends and acquaintances to read his unrepresented material. “When I was done with ‘Vanish Man,’ I sent it out to everyone who had liked my stuff in the past.”

Script was forwarded on to enough managers to nab Hatch nearly a dozen meetings with reps. Noah Rosen at Circle of Confusion eventually shopped “Vanish” to Lionsgate, where John Sacchi and Matt Janzen will oversee the project for the studio.

Tim and Trevor White, the brothers behind the Mary-Louise Parker-toplined drama “Jamesy Boy,” will co-produce.

Carolyn Conrad at Myman Greenspan also reps the scribe.

Lionsgate will next release “Dredd 3D” on Friday.