Lance Reddick chambers ‘In War They Come’

Options sci-fi script from Twinstar as possible starring vehicle

Lance Reddick’s production company Christai Films has optioned rights to Stuart Gallop’s script “In War They Come” from U.K.-based Twinstar Prods. and will develop the Neil Corbould-directed movie as a starring vehicle for Reddick (“Fringe”).

Budgeted at $5 million, the sci-fi/action pic tells the story of a U.S. soldier and his battle-hardened staff sergeant (Reddick) who lead a squad on a top-secret mission into the jungles of Vietnam to find a missing special forces unit, only to learn that an evil alien species may be responsible for their disappearance.

Reddick’s producing partner Steven Adams brought him the script after meeting with Twinstar topper Gallop in Cannes. Gallop had been developing the project as the directorial debut of Corbould, a veteran special effects supervisor who won an Oscar for “Gladiator” and was nominated for “Superman Returns.” Helmer’s other SFX credits include “Black Hawk Down,” “Snow White and the Huntsman” and Steven Spielberg’s upcoming “Robopocalypse.”

“I was impressed by Twinstar’s resourcefulness and excited to present Lance with an opportunity to be a part of this project. Neil Corbould is an incredible talent who, with his A-team, will take the visuals to the next level,” said Adams.

“As a sci-fi fan and writer, “Fringe” and “Lost” are two of my favorite programs. This project is tailor-made for Lance Reddick and his talent will bring a lot to this production,” added Gallop, who will produce with Reddick and Adams.

Christai and Twinstar are currently casting the other lead role, and producers intend to raise funds via Kickstarter in the coming weeks with the aim of starting production as early as summer 2013.

“In War They Come” is a logical starring vehicle for Reddick, who has amassed a strong international fanbase due to his turns on Fox’s “Fringe” and ABC’s “Lost” after earning critical acclaim for his role on HBO’s “The Wire.” He’ll turn his attention to the pic after he wraps the final season of “Fringe” and Roland Emmerich’s actioner “White House Down” later this year.

Reddick is repped by Paradigm and Alta Entertainment.