Considering the foul-mouthed troublemakers Kevin Hernandez played in the Jonah Hill comedy “The Sitter” and Mel Gibson actioner “Get the Gringo,” it may be surprising to learn that off screen he’s a very polite, enthusiastic teen who has been pursuing acting ever since a teacher told his parents he was a natural. “They said, ‘He’s not shy, he likes to talk a lot, he likes to express himself,’?” Hernandez recalls. “I guess they saw that in me, that I had a lot of charisma.”

After a few TV commercials and guest spots, Hernandez landed a prime gig as the second lead opposite Gibson in “Gringo.” Hernandez credits the controversy-prone veteran with showing him the ropes on his first major movie: “Being such a great actor, (Gibson) knew exactly what to do. I felt comfortable and I could try new things with him.”

Hernandez is now in his second year at the Hollywood High School New Media Academy, where he’s learning the ropes behind the camera. In his first year, he made a short film about immigration. “It felt really cool, learning how to use a camera and actually editing movies, being on the other side of acting.”

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