John Boorman has set up “Queen and Country,” a sequel to his 1987 pic “Hope and Glory,” with Caleb Landry Jones in negotiations to star.

Boorman will helm the film from a script he penned and will also produce with his longtime producing partner Kieran Corrigan.

The original semi-autobiographical pic, Oscar nominated for best picture, director and original screenplay, among other awards, revolved around a 9-year-old who grows up in London during the Blitz of WWII. In the sequel, the boy has grown up and has been conscripted into the military at the tail end of the Korean War.

The film would lense in London, though an exact production start date is still being worked out.

Boorman, who hasn’t directed a film since 2006, had been meaning to do a sequel to “Hope and Glory” for some time. He recently told Empire magazine that the hold-up was due to a lack of story material with which to proceed on another film. Boorman has since found his narrative and a star for the sequel.

Boorman clearly sees something in Landry Jones, who is also attached to star in the director’s sci-fi pic “Broken Dream.” It is unclear which film would shoot first, though sources tell Variety that “Queen and Country” seems more likely.

The Paradigm and Untitled Entertainment-repped Landry Jones has been seen in pics including “Antiviral,” which preemed at Cannes, and Neil Jordan’s vampire pic “Byzantium,” which just premiered at Toronto.