What makes this movie and its story all the more compelling is Wally’s sophisticated yet restrained approach. By avoiding the seductive high gloss of both professional sports today and previous baseball dramas, he’s brought a fresh perspective to an old genre. Locations — which could be cold and mundane, isolated in the underbelly of a stadium — come to life. He makes them intimate and tangible, allowing us to connect closely with the characters’ experiences.

The use of compositions and elegant moves brought out the humanity of the characters, all the time serving to bring a deeper level of integrity to a great story about a man with a mission to put a baseball team on the map.

After four Academy Award nominations and a win last year, it’s clear Wally Pfister isn’t resting on his laurels, but rather is at the top of his game — in particular the sport of baseball in Bennett Miller’s “Moneyball.”

Jeff Cronenweth’s work on “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” represents his third collaboration with David Fincher.