Exhibition chain Odeon-UCI and Italy’s anti-piracy body Fapac are partnering to nix camcording in the country’s cinemas days ahead of MPAA chairman Chris Dodd’s arrival at the Rome Film Festival for a key intellectual property event.

Odeon-UCI, Italy’s top loop, will work with Fapav to tighten anti-camcording measures and raise awareness of the consequences of the illegal practice, which is widespread in the country.

They will launch an awareness campaign on the digital circuit’s 428 screens in 40 plexes “to sensitize both law enforcement forces and our clients,” Odeon-UCI Italy topper Andrea Stratta said.

According to a recent Fapav survey, 37% of Italians have consumed pirated audiovisual content more than once, costing the entertainment industry an estimated in €500 million ($636 million) a year. Italy has long been on the U.S. government’s watch list of countries where piracy is worst.

Dodd is scheduled to attend an event titled “The audiovisual industry: a resource for culture, a richness for the country” on Friday in Rome where he will hold an onstage conversation with producer Riccardo Tozzi, topper of Italy’s motion picture org Anica.

Anica and Fapav want the government to pass more stringent anti-piracy legislation, combining elements from Gaul’s anti-piracy three-strikes law, known as Hadopi, and the Stop Online Piracy Act being discussed in the U.S..