France’s B.O. behemoth “The Intouchables” screened Wednesday night at Gotham’s Museum of Modern Art, with its star Omar Sy on hand alongside Harvey Weinstein to introduce the pic.

Sy has, at 34, become famous thanks to his role as Driss, the ex-con hired to help a billionaire paraplegic — with life-affirming results for both. Speaking in French, he said the pic “changed my life in the sense that I’m here in New York, talking to journalists with my own interpreter. You know, learning English did not proceed as fast as my success. Had I known that when I was back in high school that my English classes were going to come in handy one day because I was going to need to talk in New York, I would have studied much harder.”

The Weinstein Co.’s American remake is already in the works with Colin Firth as the billionaire and Paul Feig set to write and direct this fall.

“The reason it works so well,” Feig said, “is that Omar built that role. They used Omar in the creative and writing process. I had success with that doing ‘Bridesmaids’ and on ‘Freaks and Geeks.’ Always, you get people and let them contribute.”

Regarding the gossip that he won’t cast an African-American actor opposite Firth, Feig was firm, “A, I hadn’t heard that rumor. B, It’s not true. The one thing I will say is I haven’t decided who it is, so I’m very open to going a different way with it.”