BEIJING — The Indonesian film and TV biz contributed $845 million to the country’s economy and created more than 191,000 jobs in 2010, generating $86.5 million in tax revenues, per a study presented by the Motion Picture Assn. at a workshop in Jakarta.

The study, by global forecasting and research consultancy Oxford Economics, is the first to measure the economic impacts of the biz in country, one of the fastest growing major economies in the world.

“A vibrant screen industry is valuable to our country both culturally and economically. This report will provide an important foundation for identifying our industry’s areas for potential growth,” producer Shanty Harmayn said.

The film and TV industry’s economic contribution to GDP in 2010 was $2.98 billion, or 0.43% of the total.

However, the report showed that there is still plenty of room for growth. Indonesia has only 675 cinema screens for a population of 245 million.

Producer Chand Parwez, a representative of the Indonesian Motion Picture Producers’ Assn., said this compared with 639 screens in Malaysia for 28 million people.

“More screens would benefit both audiences and local producers. We’d all love to see more local movies with bigger budgets being seen by more Indonesians,” Parwez said.

Mike Ellis, prexy and m.d. of MPA Asia Pacific, said the report highlighted the potential role of the Indonesian film and TV industry as an economic driver.

“Studies such as this are an important stepping stone to the development of a flourishing creative industry,” Ellis said.