IMAX pacts with Barco for 7 years

Companies will work to transition to laser-driven projectors

Imax has tapped Barco as its exclusive projector provider for the next seven years.

Under the pact, Imax will install an enhanced version of Barco’s Xenon-based projectors in Imax theaters awaiting an upgrade, as well as new theater installations. The two companies will work together to manage the transition to laser-driven projectors, which they expect to start deploying in 2013.

Imax has pacted with Kodak to use Kodak’s laser projection technology. Belgium-based Bargo has licensed Kodak’s laser projection IP.

At last month’s Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium in Texas, Barco demonstrated a laser projector showing a 4K movie on a 70-foot screen, with brightness and color surpassing that of a Xenon-based projector. (Daily Variety, Jan. 19, 2012)