LONDON — Imax Corp. has signed deals to open three new theaters in Russia, and one in China.

In Russia, the large-format player has contracted to install one system each with new partners Monitor and People’s Cinema, as well as adding another Imax screen to the circuit of its existing partner Kinomax.

Kinomax will include an Imax screen in its Samara complex, due to open in September 2013. That will be the exhib’s fifth Imax system.

Monitor, one of Russia’s largest loops, will launch its first Imax screen as part of its Anapa multiplex, set to open in July. Local indie exhib People’s Cinema will install an Imax theater in its Ulan Ude site, due to open in September 2013.

In China, Nongken Bona Film Investment Co. has pacted to open an Imax theater in Tianjin from September 2012.

Imax now has 24 theaters open in Russia and the CIS, with 25 contracted to come. The company has 92 theaters already operating in China, with another 134 in the pipeline.