The shakeout at ICM continued this week as word surfaced of the pending departures of three agents from its motion picture lit wing.

Nick Harris, Aaron Hart and Ava Jamshidi will leave the agency when their contracts expire at the end of March. Harris had been co-head of the percentery’s department dedicated to adapting books into features; Josie Freedman remains as its solo topper.

ICM, under the direction of prexy Chris Silbermann, is undergoing a top-to-bottom review of operations as it transforms into a partner-owned structure. Amid much industry chatter of a major housecleaning to come, sources say the agency is expected to only make a handful of changes (including the film lit trio) until the terms of the partnership are set. After that, ICM may be in the market for new hires, and it is already grooming its next-generation ranks with the promotions of eight coordinators to agent status (Daily Variety, Feb. 14).

The pending departure of Hal Sadoff, the agency’s longtime indie and international film topper, was also confirmed this week.