Ice is nice for ‘Mirror’

Relativity teams with French house Lalique

When it comes to family film promotional partnerships, studios typically turn to the usual suspects like fast food restaurants, kid-targeted cereals and toy makers.

But a luxury crystal brand? Relativity thought so when it approached French house Lalique about teaming up for “Mirror Mirror.”

About a year ago, the film’s producer, Brett Ratner, was shopping in Lalique’s Beverly Hills boutique when he was struck by the cinematic possibilities of the brand’s signature iridescent crystal. Enter “Mirror Mirror” set decorator Paul Hotte, who began visualizing an icy backdrop for the film’s villain Julia Roberts that included set pieces like a $120,000 table that weighs one ton.

“Our production design team wanted to incorporate Lalique designs in the Queen’s chambers given the distinct craftsmanship and unique beauty of the crystal,” explains Relativity exec VP of marketing partnerships Coco Jones. “They felt it would elevate the visuals of the film. When we approached Lalique, they enthusiastically supplied products for the production, which (were) valued at nearly a half million dollars.”

In addition to production support, Lalique collaborated with Relativity’s marketing team to develop joint marketing campaigns, including custom-designed “Mirror Mirror”-themed store windows that are featured in both Lalique’s Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue boutiques. The fledgling studio also reached out to Lalique’s high-end clientele for advance VIP screenings of the film in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

For Lalique, the film offered a chance to reach beyond its base of Amex black-card holders.

“When people think of Lalique, they think of items that are hundreds of thousands of dollars, but a lot of the pieces in the collection are not that expensive,” says Lalique exec Sarah Gargano, pointing to the line’s handcrafted perfume bottles, like a $470 version showcased in the film.

Furthermore, the “Mirror Mirror” partnership presented an opportunity for the French crystal house to reclaim a spot in the showbiz spotlight, something it hasn’t done in more than a century. Lalique founder Rene Lalique designed jewelry and hairpieces for actress Sarah Bernhardt in the late 1800s.

“Julia Roberts is our modern-day Sarah Bernhardt,” quips Maz Zouhairi, president and CEO of Lalique North America. “Surrounding her with our brand takes our company back full circle.”