Producers of the Hong Kong drama “Floating City” have pulled it from the Tokyo Film Festival as tension between China and Japan heightens.

Helmed by Yim Ho and starring Aaron Kwok, Charlie Young and Nina Paw, the pic was to screen in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section of the fest, which unspools Oct. 20-28.

Produced by Mandarin Films and the Sil-Metropole Organization, the film’s reps reportedly told fest officials that they cancelled the pic’s appearance after “discussing the matter with our investors and others.”

The China pavilion for the Tiffcom market, which runs Oct. 23-25, has also been scratched, though Tiffcom director Mika Morishita said Chinese companies are still expected to attend as individual sellers and buyers.

The cancellations follow growing tension between China and Japan over disputed islands — called the Senkakus by the Japanese and the Diaoyus by the Chinese — that the Japanese government recently bought from their private owner.

Anti-Japanese demonstrations have taken place this month in dozens of Chinese cities, though authorities have since moved to clear the streets. The islands were the scene of a confrontation on Tuesday between 40 Taiwanese fishing vessels, escorted by Taiwanese patrol ships, and ships of the Japanese Coast Guard.

The Taiwanese boats had banners saying the islands belong to Taiwan, itself a disputed territory that China claims. Chinese vessels were also seen in nearby waters.

The standoff ended with the Taiwanese and Chinese ships leaving Japanese waters.