Steel Titan Prods. is at work on a documentary “The Boston College Fix” about the 1978-79 point shaving scandal at Boston College that includes several recent interviews with the late Henry Hill.

“We have multiple interviews but the last round we did was two days of filmed interviews in late February,” said producer Terry City.

“The Boston College Fix” recounts the scandal through the eyes of Paul “Paulie” Mazzei, the Mafioso mastermind who teamed with Hill to collect an estimated $400,000 during the 78-79 college basketball season. The documentary includes Mazzei returning to his hometown of Pittsburgh after 35 years to meet up with and confront his former accomplices, including Hill.

“He was a normal guy who had lived an extraordinarily historical life,” said director Cayman Grant, director of The Boston College Fix. “You’ll see a very human side of Henry in the film. He had demons he didn’t know how to overcome and like many others he was just trying to survive.”

Hill, who was immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas,” died on Wednesday at the age of 69 in Los Angeles. Grant had planned for Hill to see the completed film, but is planning to capture the response to his passing as part of an effort to change the perception of organized crime.

“It’s not as ‘organized’ as people think,” Grant said. “I think this doc will show that despite their pasts, they are just two guys who got old, had no education and had to struggle until the end to make ends meet. It’s a completely different life than their early high-rolling days.”

Juan Carlos Saizarbitoria is co-directing.

Five-year-old Steel Titan produced the 2009 short “His Good Will.” Other projects include a reality cooking series, a political drama based on the life of Bertie Bowman and “Blood Land,” a feature based on the book “The Osage Indian Murders.”