Pawel Edelman is a cinematographer whose work I always look forward to admiring, and “Carnage” was no exception to his consistently beautiful work.

“Carnage” requires Edelman’s effortless and soft-spoken beauty. His work is always natural. I would go as far to say it is better than natural; it is superior to reality.

His work continues to be unobtrusive and respectful, but stunning once examined. Edelman graciously allows the story to step forward and shine through. His beautifully subtle cinematography is a great compliment to the film.

Edelman’s work has always been, is and will continue to be perfect. I wish life looked as beautiful as Edelman creates it to be.

Harris Savides, who most recently shot “Restless,” was also the d.p. behind “Somewhere,” “Milk” and “Zodiac.”