Multihyphenate Dax Shepard, his leading lady Kristen Bell and the Open Road Films gang drove to downtown L.A. to the ESPN Zone for the Aug. 14 preem of their car-chase-fueled “Hit & Run.”

Open Road acquired the film last November, and has been screening the film across the country hoping to generate strong word-of-mouth.

“One of the things that we try to do at Open Road is to find films that don’t just look like indie versions of studio pictures, but films that are unique in and of themselves,” said Open Road’s Tom Ortenberg. “We first saw a promo reel for ‘Hit & Run’ during AFM last year. We saw about four or five minutes of footage, and we thought it was hilarious. Then we saw the whole film, and realized it wasn’t just hilarious, it was really smart and touching.”

Shepard introduced the film by thanking his real-life partner Bell, though it was another cast member, Bradley Cooper, who got the movie financed.

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“Without him, I don’t get to make the movie, the movie doesn’t sell and we’re not all here eating free popcorn,” joked Shepard, who wrote and co-directed the pic with David Palmer.