Richard Gere appeared to dote on moviegoers at Sunday night’s sneak peek of his new one, “Arbitrage,” which unspooled at UA East Hampton Cinema.

“Did everyone get their popcorn, because I don’t want to start without it,” Gere said to a smitten audience.

Gere plays a billionaire opposite Susan Sarandon in the Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions film.

“What I relate to about my character is the family stuff. It’s about how people compromise true happiness for fleeting happiness, such as money, position or power. I do it constantly. I’m doing it now,” chuckled Gere as he glanced at wife Carey Lowell.

Although Gere said he supports Occupy Wall Street, helmer-scribe Nicholas Jarecki noted that the actor looks like he works in finance.

“Richard Gere has been around the finance world in other characters,” Jarecki said at the afterparty, held at Mickey and Leila Straus’ home. “What’s beautiful is to reinvent that iconography into something darker.”

Jarecki added that his parents, both commodities traders, helped Gere prepare for the role.