Guillermo del Toro has come onboard with Reel FX to produce a CG-animated film with the working title “Day of the Dead.”

Del Toro will also present the film, directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez from a script he wrote with Gutierrez and Doug Langdale. Reel FX will produce alongside Aaron Berger and Carina Schulze of Chatrone.

Reel FX said “Day of the Dead” is scheduled to be released in fall 2014.

Story’s a “Romeo and Juliet”-style tale set against a Mexican “Day of the Dead” backdrop. It’s the first time since 1993’s “Cronos” that del Toro has collaborated on a feature project set in Mexico.

Reel FX’s Brad Booker brought “Day of the Dead” to the studio and will oversee.

“This is a colorful, vibrant, vital fable that utilizes the animation medium in an incredible way,” del Toro said.

Reel FX is developing “Beasts of Burden,” produced by Andrew Adamson and Aron Warner, and “Turkeys,” an animated comedy directed by Jimmy Hayward. It’s also collaborated on the production of Cirque du Soleil’s “Worlds Away,” written and directed by Adamson and exec produced by James Cameron; Paramount will release that film late this year.