Disney’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” helmed by Peter Hedges, inspired some real-life familial attachments between CJ Adams and his movie parents, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner.

“It was funny, because though we play a family, Jennifer and I actually started to get worried about him working too hard on set,” Edgerton said with a grin at Monday’s El Capitan preem.

“I just had to put my foot down sometimes, you know? You could see it in CJ’s eyes when he was tired. So I’d yell at Peter to move on,” Garner added, more serious than joking.

But even with long hours and a tiring schedule, the cast and crew found ways to have some unconventional fun. A band was hired to keep things light on a busy weekend shoot, for instance, leading to an impromptu rap battle featuring Common, who plays a stubborn soccer coach in the pic.

Even a little fun was had at the expense of Hedges, thanks to Adams’ nickname for the helmer.

“CJ called me ‘Mr. Peter’ all the time, so Joel and Jen and everybody starting calling me that,” Hedges recalled at the Annex afterparty. “After a while, even the extras picked up on it without realizing it was a joke. I had to tell them it’s just CJ that calls me that. Didn’t really work.”