Thursday night’s Gotham screening of Summit’s “Man on a Ledge” turned into an audience on the edge of its seat at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

“I was very surprised when the movie ended, everybody cheering for the movie at the end,” Anthony Mackie said at the Cinema Society-hosted after-party in the recently opened restaurant ACME. “It goes back to the day of action-suspense movies that you can figure out and enjoy, and when you leave the movie it’s money well-spent, as opposed to going to the movie and not knowing what the hell is going on when it’s over.”

Director Asger Leth was psyched to film his first feature in New York City, which he calls “the most enigmatic place on earth.”

Not that he doesn’t love his native Denmark. “But it’s like when I’m away I read the Danish newspaper everyday and I’m looking at all the political problems that they have and they’re yelling at each other and thinking it’s a big deal. I’m like, ‘Guy, our country’s smaller than Brooklyn. Brooklyn doesn’t even have a mayor!'”