Good vibrations

Wexler's 'Hysteria' unspools in Gotham

New York City was all about women and vibrators Monday night, thanks to a screening of Sony Pictures Classics’ “Hysteria,” held at the Sunshine Landmark. However, pic’s Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce both confessed they didn’t learn anything new about the opposite sex from making the romantic comedy about the birth of the electro-mechanical device.

“Given this movie is set in 1880, I’m pretty much up on all the lessons,” Dancy said.

Pryce added, “I learned virtually nothing. But I’ve always respected women and loved women.”

Co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal, who gave birth some three weeks ago, sent a message through director Tanya Wexler, who read, “I hope you enjoy the movie, maybe you’ll even see it more than once. I have a feeling you may want to come again and again.”

At the after-party, held at Hotel Chantelle, Angela Lansbury mingled with the cast while Patrick Wilson hung out with Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker. Appropriately, guests went home with a vibrator gift bag.

“Women definitely like vibrators as swag even more than I thought was possible,” said Wexler.