Sally Potter sees a connection between today’s world and England during the Cold War, the setting of her new pic, A24’s “Ginger & Rosa.” “There’s a great similarity, in some ways, with the period now,” the helmer said Thursday night at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. “Every generation faces its own apocalypse, a fear of the end of the world.”

Potter feels that auds today will relate to Ginger, played by Elle Fanning, in wholly expecting the world to fall apart at any moment.

Fanning and co-star Christina Hendricks were on hand for the unspooling, as were friends Kyra Sedgwick and Anna Kendrick.

Hendricks said that while a few shots of her playing the piano alongside Fanning ended up on the cutting room floor, Potter did squeeze some of the redhead’s musical talents into the finished cut. It came about when the helmer asked her actress if she actually knew how to play the piano.

“And I said that I know a little bit from the accordion, and her ears perked up and she said, ‘What is this accordion you speak of?'” Hendricks recalled. “She was like, ‘Bring your accordion.'”