While David Duchovny sports a wildly unkempt beard for most of “Goats,” the thesp appeared almost clean-shaven for the pic’s L.A. preem Aug. 8 at the Landmark Theater.

Much of the Image Entertainment release was shot in Tucson, Ariz., which caused some problems for the star. “I know nothing about cacti, so I was constantly touching things that would stick me and make me bleed,” Duchovny recalled.

Having grown up on a goat farm, director Christopher Neil adapted well to shooting on location and handling the titular critters for his debut pic.

“I think it would have been difficult for any director who didn’t grow up around goats,” Neil said. “We had full-sized goats riding around in a Volks-wagen Jetta.”

In the pic, Justin Kirk’s character has a problem keeping himself covered with a swimsuit. Without revealing whether a prosthetic was used, Kirk joked, “I didn’t get to keep the Speedo, but I did get to keep the balls.”

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Other cast members, along with guests Garry Shandling and Marilyn Manson, walked downstairs to the Landmark Wine Bar for a low-key afterparty.