Sacha Baron Cohen’s new alter ego, Admiral General Aladeen, invited his guests to be pleasured on Thursday evening in London. The occasion? The world bow of Par’s “The Dictator.”

In character, Baron Cohen arrived on the red carpet at Royal Festival Hall in the Admiral’s own independent style — wielding a golden pistol while standing in an orange Lamborghini, hoisted on the back of a tow truck.

Helmer Larry Charles, co-star Anna Farris and Baron Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher, were all sidelined as Admiral General Aladeen stole the carpet, working it with his bevy of leggy, apparently virginal bodyguards.

Politics always on a dictator’s mind, Admiral General Aladeen outlined his plans with the Blighty prime minister, David Cameron, while offering insight into the duties of Cameron’s second in command: “Everyone has their price; his happens to be cheaper than everyone else’s. I’m having dinner with him tonight, and the Tory Party, and for that price, they’re throwing in a foot massage from Nick Clegg.”

Guests partied at the OXO Tower. For Admiral General Aladeen, it’s trusted that the fete followed a deeply political session of reflexology.