Geeks circle Saturn

Awards took place Thursday in Burbank

It wasn’t Comic-Con, and there was no one in a Dalek costume. Nonetheless, Burbank was geek heaven Thursday night as the Saturn Awards were handed out.

Lea Thompson broke away from talking to Walter Hill, one of her heroes, to admit, “I don’t look like one, I dress up pretty good, but I’m definitely a geek. I’ve always been a sci-fi geek, and fantasy.”

With tube icons Dawn Wells, Barbara Eden and Lindsay Wagner in attendance, Steven Bauer, too, confessed, “I was first and foremost a geek. I still geek out seeing my favorite movie stars.”

Bauer remembered playing doubles tennis with Eden in Ecua-dor 15 years ago, surrounded by her fans. “There were so many people along the perimeter of the tennis courts, screaming, and at the end they would grab my shirt, pulling me,” he said. “I don’t remember who won.”